SIB, the solution to your entreprise productive needs

SIB, Industrial Solutions Banyoles is a metal sector company founded in 2012.

Despite his short career, is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

It offers fully equipped facilities for the construction of any structure with iron and steel.
From SIB we give service mainly to manufacturers of machinery for the food industry, the construction of any structure or component in stainless steel.
At the same time, we also produce components for industries of any sector; we can produce big structures o small parts in stainless steel or iron.

Our factory i fully equiped to manufacture any structure in iron or stainless steel, with two terraced buildings of 400m2 each one, equiped with cranes for the manipulation of the fabrication products.


We also have folding machine, sheet cutting machine, corner cutting machine, saw machine... to cover all our customers' needs


Our technical department can design or obtain drawings from 3D plans in order to manage any type of order from our customers. Thanks to the extensive experience of our professionals, we can manage the purchage of raw materials and outsource auxiliarly workshops to give an extended service to our customers.



In paralel, under MOVIFER name, we produce metal forniture for the industry. We are specialized to produce metal forniture sized, for an specific aplication or for a specific working place.